Valuframe Solar 


Valuframe Solar - The Economy Aluminium Profile Solar Panel Mounting System.

Aluminium Solar Panel Fitting System created for engineers by engineers.

PV panel installation aluminiumValuframe Solar is the t-slotted aluminium profiles system for economical Solar Panel Installation by Automation Supplies.


It's purpose is to replace welded steel fabrications and other more established, more expensive aluminium extrusion systems for installation of PV Panels available in the UK.


Our range of slotted aluminium photovoltaic panel support extrusions is called Valuframe Solar to emphasise the focus on value for money. It's designed to be an aluminium extrusion system for solar panel installers that's a prudent choice for cost conscious engineers and PV Specialists.


Since introduction to the UK solar panel fitting market, Valuframe Solar has become successful because we retain our valued customers, working harder to keep costs down and our service levels high.Solar panel installation


The aluminium profiles and connecting elements will seamlessly combine with most makes of solar panels and photovoltaic systems available. 


Our solar panel mounting aluminium profile system has the same quality finish, the same options in connections and other fittings as many of the more expensive PV installation systems currently available.


Aluminium solar panelsWe understand the needs of all of our cusotmers, from a major solar panel installer to the smaller user.


There are no minimum quantities to buy with Valuframe Solar. We will not make you buy 100 slot nuts when you need only 4. The unit of sale for the vast majority of our parts is only 1, although it's always the best way to order the correct amount of solar aluminium profiles and parts for your project when you order, so we need only make one shipment to you.


The sister product to Valuframe Solar is the original Valuframe aluminium profile system product, used to make all kinds of frameworks for all kinds of industries. Proven in many environments such as machin building, audio visual, furniture and general engineering, there are many Valuframe components that may come in useful for your solar panel installation and many Valuframe parts and profiles will happily work alongside and interchange with Valuframe Solar. To visit the Valuframe site please click here.



Changing to Valuframe Solar from another PV panel mounting system is easy. Take a look at the details on this site if you need to change from another aluminium solar panel mounting system to Valuframe Sloar. If you need any help, please feel free to get in touch.


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